I'm an Indiana born + bred who escaped to the desert to live a more active, less humid life.

I constantly push myself to appreciate, create and live more fully. Meeting people who envision the world as a constant opportunity for growth motivates me.

As an INFJ + Enneagram Type 2, my work is fueled by organization, the space for creativity, and equal parts hustle + recharge time.

Ask my friends - they will tell you that I've always had an eye for the creative. I've loved fashion since my metallic purple bell bottom pants at Limited Too when I was 8 years old. I curate my home's interior design very carefully. These little hobbies have bled into my work as a professional.


My career began as a writer. I studied Magazine Journalism because I wanted to tell powerful stories that make an impact on humanity. 

I grew up as an avid museum goer, learning stories of the past. Hearing people's stories was part of the thrill of journalism for me. But, I found I enjoyed online media far more than print. 

As a self-taught Myspace page coder, I continued that learning journey as a Producer for online stories featuring writing, photography slideshows, video, and more.

My "jobs" have spanned from website management to email marketing QA coding to social media + community manager.


My career has driven me towards working as a multimedia producer + creative director for digital media from animated video to podcasts. 

Mallory Porter_Resume_2021.png