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Mallory Jordan: Writer, Reporter and Multimedia Producer

Please browse and connect with some of the fascinating subjects I have been lucky enough to capture through these different journalistic mediums over the years.
Audio and Slideshows

Audio pieces and audio slideshows have become one of my strong suits. I find the mixture of the subject's own voice organized by the reporter with matching photos to be one of the most emotionally effective and stimulating forms of journalistic story telling. I have specialized and delved more into this format as I transitioned from an online reporter to a producer for Ball Bearings.


My first, raw passion is writing. As a magazine journalism major and creative writing minor, I continue to practice both new and creative writing to make myself more well-rounded. My work includes newspaper feature pieces, magazine articles, short stories and poetry.


I utilize photography both as a hobby and to enhance stories. Although photography is not my concentration, I have published photography for Ball Bearings and other websites. On occasion I assist beginner photographers with basic knowledge and techniques to create effective audio slideshows.

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