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Citrus & Lavender Bug Repellent Candle

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

One of the few downsides of having a lush, large backyard is mosquitos. They run rampant every Summer without fail. I literally cannot step outside without obtaining multiple, itchy bumps in an instant.

Being required to spray ourselves with OFF! simply to enjoy our own backyard gets old fast. I can tolerate smelling like repellent chemicals for a hike or a canoe trip. But, committing to the sticky stench for merely 30 minutes outside at home, and risking ruining our furniture is not worth the mosquito shield.

Zach and I lose quality hours of Summer, which only lasts 3-months in Indy, because we don't want to be swarmed by mosquitos, but we don't want to smell like a fresh coat of bug repellent all day either.

I found a natural solution to our problem without DEET that smells heavenly. And, it doesn't look too shabby on a patio table either. A few of the supplies can be harder to find, so I've listed grocery quick fix substitutes. I spilled some on my leg while making the candle, and I must say, my fragrance is potent, but lovely. Perfect for Summer backyard parties, cookouts, or a romantic dinner outdoors!


- 1 Lemon

- 1Orange

- Fresh Thyme

- Fresh Rosemary

- Fresh Lavender or Lavender scented oil (Glade Plug-in)

- Cinnamon sticks (baking aisle)

- Citronella oil (couldn't find in OFF! or beauty aisles, so I bought a citronella candle to melt & use oil)

- Ball jar

- 1 tea candle

- Hot water


1. Put 1-2 slices of each lemon and orange it the Ball jar

2. Put a couple sprigs or spare leaves of each Thyme and Rosemary in Ball jar

3. Put Lavender petals or drip 1/2 of a Glad plug-in into Ball jar

4. Place 2-3 cinnamon sticks in Ball jar

5. Drip about 20 drops of Citronella oil

6. Fill Ball jar to the top wit hot water

7. Place lid on and shake Ball jar contents up

8. Take off lid and light a tea candle on top (it will float)

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