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Wedding Wishes & Porter Kisses

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Father Time manipulated the holidays once again and sped up the clock. Suddenly, Zach and I are only 9 months away from saying, “I do”! My (over) planning skills came in handy, because I’ve planned the majority of our wedding already, and now I’m reaping the benefits of no stress!

Okay, my anxiety hiked up a bit picking our Save the Dates and finalizing our guest list. But, with a little help from friends and Zach, naturally, I moved past it.

With only a few items on my to-do list (hair, makeup, ceremony violinist) and the minor details to be taken care of closer to the actual date, I’m up to my neck in giddy champagne bubbles. As a true born romantic, I’ve always contemplated when I would get married; what age, what city, what guy, what life. It’s almost unfathomable to me to now KNOW exactly what date I will tie the knot with my forever love.

Mushy moment: Marrying Zach and becoming Mrs. Mallory Porter means I get to share my life with one of the most adventurous, happy, caring souls on this Earth. Whether we are vegging out at home or exploring a new country, he knows how to make the most of it and make me laugh. I used to think a person calling their spouse their best friend was ridiculous. Like… get some friends. But, I was wrong. You spend every day with your spouse and have to trust each other to leap over life’s cliffs, so you better be best friends!

Marriage is so much more than love. We both can rely on each other to take turns taking care of the other. We take the time to do things with and for the other that they love and that makes them feel special and appreciated. I’ve never been with a person who knows me and encourages me in all aspects of my life like my own family. Zach and I are becoming family, and I cannot express enough how excited I am that he will be my home forever.

Non-romantics, you can continue reading again. Now that our wedding dreams are locked and loaded, I thought I’d be more candid about our vision and what our special day will be like! Our wedding website is in full swing, but here’s a little mood board taste of M + Z.

I also realized that I haven’t shared our engagement photos with you, readers! Zach went above and beyond for me on this one. We might have day-tripped to Grand Rapids… and also jumped in a freezing, muddy pond… maybe.

Our insanely talented photographer, Chelsea Hill of Chelsea Seekell Photography captured us as individuals and as a couple better than I could have imagined. Honesty moment: I’ve creeped on her conceptual photography since we were in high school. I knew her work would come back breathtaking.

We did a traditional shoot and a conceptual shoot all in one rushing-back-and-forth-to-change-by-the-car-day. It kept my heart racing and added quite a thrilling romance to the experience. It was definitely a new kind of venture for Zach and me. And, it prompted planning a future trip back to the lovely Grand Rapids come Spring for sure!

I cannot wait to see what Chelsea will do with the stunning backdrop of Laurel Hall come October.

October 7, 2017. That date makes me smile every time.

For newly engaged couples or soon-to-bes, stay calm. Stay grounded. Zach and I have been lucky that our minds align and planning our wedding has been a piece of cake with only minor finger dunks in the icing. But, wedding planning has so many different layers and stressing out is normal. All I ask is that you never forget the reason behind the plans: celebrating the lifelong love of you and your partner.

If you don’t know where to even start, here are items to finalize before the year mark to ensure your date is open to book:

  • WEDDING VENUE – these dates fill up fast, you’ll be shocked

  • CATERER – find one that is all-inclusive, meaning they handle linens and extra items like our champagne fountain if your venue doesn’t already do this

  • FLORIST – a florist that double serves as an event décor rental means a one stop shop for your table centerpieces and any other décor you want in your venue

  • PHOTOGRAPHER – these are the images of this day that you will look back on for the rest of your life, so book early and book a photographer who best captures your personality

  • TUXES – reserve your tuxes early to reduce stress because you should expect to have to remind your groomsman to get fitted at least five times

  • BRIDESMAID DRESSES – if you don’t know what you want or want a special day with your bridesmaids to try on dresses like I did, do this early on

  • CAKE – best to enjoy a tasting early on even though it isn’t an emergency so it’s one less thing to think about later and to make sure you’re keeping the planning fun

  • DJ – do not hire a friend, hire a DJ with experience in your venue because this includes more than just music; microphones for your ceremony and reception, a song request site, etc.

Little details like the color of your tablecloths or what flowers to choose when you don’t know the names of any might rack your brain. But, that’s what these vendors are for. I showed up with photos of the flower arrangements I wanted, and my florist knew all the names. Utilize Pinterest and don’t be afraid to ask the experts!

Also, don’t forget the hidden expenses that creep up on you. That means gifts for the guest takeaways, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Paper products for invitations and menu cards definitely crept up on me. Special jewelry for the bride and bridal party needs to be accounted for as well. Not to mention any extra food or drinks you want while primping for the big day.

But again, amid all this planning, always remember the WHY. (Hint: it’s you two!)

You guys, I’m trying so hard to soak up this year while it lasts. Especially since I’ve heard the wedding day zooms by in a flash. But, I can barely contain myself waiting to marry Mr. Zachery. I don’t know how I was so fortunate to find my person. I know our life has all the happiness and adventures waiting in front of it. #PorterRingOnIt

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