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Discover Digital as a Creative Space

Has your brain been bouncing around the idea of starting up a form of digital media? Whether it’s a YouTube channel, a website, a podcast, or something completely different, then I have one question for you: what are you waiting for? I’ve sensed a lot of fear out there from people who think that they can’t do what they are seeing online, from myself included even a mere couple years ago. (Spoiler alert: you’re wrong; you can do anything any other human is doing, too.) While I still love the old fashioned face-to-face interaction and hand-written letters in the mail, there’s no doubt that the most impactful way to reach people is online. The internet can also serve as a fantastic space to spread your imaginative wings and try out new forms of creative media. The options are limitless, but I’ve noticed that many people still don’t even know where to start or what they’d even be decent at online. As a digital marketing nerd, I’ve taken a stab at most online channels and media. The best way you can know what mediums you want to work in is to try them all out. My top faves include: - Blogging (obviously) and website building - Instagram: @mallory.blayne - Podcasts – Maybe check out Sibling Sci-Fi Stories or B*tch Prints if you have a sec and let me know if I should invest time in those… maybe? :) My husband and I even tried out live streaming on Twitch a couple years back. It consisted of mainly him playing PC video games (Although, there’s a pretty sweet stream of me playing Reign of Kings tipsy and owning that throne.) while I made snacks and talked to people in the chat. But, we got too exhausted and lazy after work to interact with other humans every day, even online. #Ambivert. Digital media falls under the creative category, so you should think about it as an artist would think about their work. A painter rarely picks up a brush for the first time without ever have touching another physical form of expression and knows immediately that they want to work in oils above all other paints. In college, having access to the Adobe Creative Suite provided me with the opportunity to trial and learn the basics of graphic design, videography, photography, editing and photo manipulation, audio recording, and more. Even if you don’t have such a robust application at your fingertips, the internet offers plenty of opportunity to dabble for free. Anyone can hop on Squarespace or Wix and build a website. Create a basic video using whatever application you can get your hands on and toy around with the editing. Launch social media profiles and test out content on the various platforms for fun. The best part is that the internet is an unlimited resource for knowledge. You can Google how to do almost anything. Watch tutorials on how to use your applications or ways to create the media you want to via YouTube or an online course website. Teach yourself! Powerful tools are out their waiting for you. And, you can learn anything if you truly want to expand your skills and creativity.

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