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Here, Take my Card

Sitting in my corporate office drawer lays a stack of unused business cards with my prior job title printed across them. They illustrate a company logo and design identical to each person’s own set in the cubicles surrounding me. Dust collects on them as I forget to pack them in my carry-on bag every time I travel for a work conference.

Why do I fail to remember to pass out my corporate business cards time and time again? Because they are lackluster and they do not truly represent who I am or what I do for the company for which I work.

One professional step that I had not yet taken was to create business cards for my personal, entrepreneurial skills. My career path deserved a striking representation of my accomplishments and capabilities in the business world, branding my own style.

I tried out a platform new to me called Basic Invite. They recently added business cards to their printing repertoire, and they invited me to try out the fresh designs they offer on a set.

I knew I wanted my business card to reflect the branding of my resume, but I do not label myself as a designer and I needed helpful choices to get me started.

The variety of choices provided a lot of design ideas without being too overwhelming. I thought it clever that Basic Invite offers both horizontal and vertical business cards. The vertical business cards looked ideal for photographers, because you can print an entire side with a full-width photo.

Out of all of their beautiful business cards, I went with a front and back design of a clean, minimalist style.

As I began personalizing the design of my business cards, the interface reminded me a lot of Canva’s simplified look and feel. It was extremely easy to customize my business cards, even on a mobile device!

One feature I immediately noticed was the wide range of color options. It seemed almost unlimited. I was able to match the distinctive mix between pale mint green and sage color on my resume to the colors available on Basic Invite.

The instant previews of the front and back of my business card allowed me to create exactly what I wanted down to the last detail and visualize my design as I worked in real time.

I did feel a bit restricted with some of the capabilities. You cannot stray too far out of the box of the design choice you selected. I wish you could at least add basic shapes to the background of the business cards, as I would have created a diagonal from the bottom left to the top right corner of my card and filled in one side in with my pale green color for a subtle effect.

A lot of the business cards, including the design I chose, incorporate a space for a professional headshot photograph. I found this personal touch appealing, especially for entrepreneurial, theatrical, or real estate agent business cards.

I tested out two designs, partially because I was having a bit of fun playing pretend designer. I ordered them both on July 24th with an expectation of an August 6th arrival date. They were delivered to my doorstep on July 30!

While I did not take advantage of their custom samples option, Basic Invite offers the service of sending you a printed sample of your invitation or business card before completing your final order. You can know exactly what the finished product’s design and quality of the paper looks like before you are even required to place your order. This could be extremely valuable to a bride planning her wedding to find the perfect effect to match her vision.

One of the most tedious tasks of planning a wedding that I experienced is gathering up addresses for your invites. Don’t be surprised if multiple guests move between when you send out the save the dates and your wedding invitations, too.

Basic Invite offers an address capturing service for you eliminate the time suck of obtaining those mailing addresses. They provide a link for you to share on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other form of social media to request invitees’ addresses, which are then stored in your customer account. Select the proper addresses during your design process and voila! Mailing made simple. Basic invite currently offers recipient address printing at no extra cost for all Christmas card orders.

With the speed at which this year has gone, the holidays are right around the corner. Zach and I have never sent out Holiday cards, (Although we did share a fabulous, festive family photo on social media one holiday season.) but we plan to mail our loved ones Hanukkah and Christmas greeting cards this year using Basic Invites user friendly interface.

I didn’t add any to my business cards, but Basic Invite also offers foil on selected design. Foil cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold in a flat or raised style. We will most likely add a little shine to our Holiday cards with a touch of gold foil for panache.

If you are in the need of an updated business card or want to get ahead of the holiday card ordering rush, right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with c, upon code: 15FF51 on all orders. You can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter for design inspiration as well!

This review post is sponsored by Basic Invite.

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