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Scorpios go to Salem & Boston

I've heard a lot of negative predictions about turning 27, but my friends and I decided to channel our inner witches and celebrate it instead. Two of my closet friends from high school (Yes, I actually kept a few of those. The good ones.) drove from NYC to meet me as I hopped a plan to Massachusetts for a spooky Scorpio getaway. It just so happens that my best friend, or friend soulmate as I like to call them, lives on the Air Force base in Boston with her husband. I had to fly into the Boston airport to get to Salem, so I flew in a day earlier than my Scorpio gals to see my Bostonian. I honestly did not comprehend how close everything on the East coast is before my trip. I also did not realize how much American history is jam packed within the Boston and Salem areas. Our history might not date back even close to European culture, but it still remains our history and I found it fascinating to wander the cobblestone streets of our settlement ancestors. Naturally I spent my first evening in Boston catching up with my friend over a bottle (or two) of red on her couch instead of our usual via FaceTime or Skype. The next morning we headed out on the T, which is Boston's subway system, for Downtown.

It astonished me that smack dab in the middle of the Downtown hustle and bustle, there still sits Paul Revere's house. I imagined him stumbling home wobbly drunk down the alleyways as my friend and I sat sipping a gin cocktail and a pumpkin beer at America's oldest Tavern, The Bell and Hand, whose name derives from the bell and hand emblem that use to symbolize a tavern for those who could not read. We gobbled down a shared bowl of clam chowder at the center of Quincy Market while a musician played Ed Sheernan genre hits on his guitar. You could hear the music down each side of the market lined with east coast greasy delicacies and Bostonian foodies.

After browsing around Faneuil Hall shopping, we spent the majority of the day in Boston's Little Italy on the East End. The streets narrowed and the grand architecture scaled down to more charming historic living spaces as we weaved into a dive espresso cafe decorated with antique silver coffee machines and took a seat at our own tiny round table among the Italian regulars. We concluded our lady date day at a window seat right off the sidewalk with the windows open in an restaurant called Quattro. We split a bottle of red and ordered our own authentic pizzas to munch while we people watched and soaked in each other's presence. The scene was so lovely, we ordered a final heaping glass (The Italians know how to pour it.) after our bottle before heading back to my friend's home.

Leaving my closet friend felt more like leaving family as her and her husband dropped me off at my Ipswich Airbnb to join my two Scorpio ladies. When I entered the white painted house with a steep roof in the middle of nowhere, my other two witches were sitting within a safe circle made of white holiday lights on a yogi blanket with a candle already burning. One of my friends read Tarot for us as we sipped sweet wine in our eerie rented space. Witching hour had begun.

Black hats bobbing up and down with fierce walks entered Salem the next November day. We arrived. The wind gusts threatened our attire, but we did not let that stop our photo ops with the fluttering golden leaves.

We had professional psychics read our Tarot, which was honestly quite overwhelming for me, but I'm happy to report I left the small two-person table feeling at ease like I had just taken a steaming spa bath for my soul. The remainder of the day we visited all of the local witch shops to gather candles and crystals and herbs before it was time for the witches to rest and rally with a couple fancy fall cocktails with spooky names and a hummus plate. While the shops all had similar stocked items, each one had it's own personality and focus from more natural and herb-y to commercialized to older witchcraft to theme-y with bright green and purple walls to goth.

The day grew chillier so we changed out of our witchy wardrobe to warmer attire for our night tour of Salem. We were led through the darker parts of Salem including the memorial for the 20 people who were accused of witchcraft that sits by the 17th century graveyard. The gravestones were so thin and simple, it made me realize from where that traditional flat gravestone imagery originated.

Our peppy tour guide dressed in black from head to toe guided us to historic spots still standing as re-purposed restaurants and buildings, such as where the old pub that was owned by Bridget Bishop stood. Bishop was the first accused of witchcraft. We stopped where horrid structures like the old jail no longer stand, but where spirits are often seen due to the torment and literal torture that took place of hundreds of souls. And, we saw cheery spots like the old Town Hall where the, "I put a spell on you" adult party scenes were shot for Hocus Pocus. Full of history and chilled to the bone, we grabbed dinner and headed back to Ipswich before our final half day. We woke up partially well rested with the witchy vibes pulsing in our bones. Our final day took a turn back towards city culture. My one friend, who is well versed in Asian culture, took us to a Hot Pot restaurant. I had never even heard of this community meal. Each person chooses ingredients they want in a soup broth and you combine it all together for one steamy, shared meal. We sat in a booth that contained a single electric stove top in the center and spooned soup into our shivering bodies. It was a comforting farewell before my return home.

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