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Excerpt: Novel to Come

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

For years I have been tip toeing around writing my first novel. Outline after outline after outline has been typed up and left to get lost between file pixels on my laptop. I keep learning so much and continually growing, as we all do. My past outlines seem so trivial looking back now. But, my head feels in a space where I can truly reflect on the past 5 years of my life and compose a work worthy of you, readers. Who knows how long this venture will take me, but I'm starting. Here is an extremely small taste of the subject matter in my working title novel. Excerpt from Chapter 5:

"If you do not know what path you are on or which to take, the truth is there are no defined paths. We are all walking through leaf covered woods with a giant machete hacking away at the trees that nature placed or that another human planted in a completely different time. You can track markers to learn from past travelers, but no one has set the way in stone."


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