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Tune in to B*tch Prints Podcast

It is the year 2020. Disease is spreading. The stock market is tanking. Bars are closed. The new decade is hitting with a little more tragedy of the Roaring 1920s instead of the glitter, bubbles, and parties for which we were all hoping. As we stay indoors on quarantine for civilization's health safety to avoid spreading COVID-19 around, especially not to those with a higher fatality risk, I am deciding to use this time as a creative opportunity. It is vital that we all find ways to cope with the quarantine as we all do our part for society's sake and check-in on our mental health as well as the physical. My hands are reaching for a book more than the Amazon Firestick remote. My eyes wander across the screen as I edit my novel in progress instead of scanning my cell phone for click-bait articles and Buzzfeed quizzes. Building a digital community is more important than ever now, and we all have a little extra time to do it. We must work together to hold our community up, to support local artists or entertainment or restaurants that bring our city culture, and continue to build a better, more equal world. We must think to ourselves what world we want to step into once we can open our front doors and walk outside again.

One way that I realized that I could contribute to the world even in the tiniest amount is through my creative projects. I have been dancing around starting my podcast for career driven women for about 2 years now. Now that my voice is being used less with lack of human contact, I thought I would put it to good use for my personal goals and as a new form of connection to the world for myself and hopefully in a way that helps others along the way. My podcast, B*tch Prints, can be applicable to all genders, but focuses on honest self-care for the career driven, independent woman.

Whether you line your lips with color or pull your hair up in a messy bun, hear your heels click clack on your way to work or reach for an apron in your studio, command the room in board meetings or tackle your to-do list from a local coffee shop, you BRING IT each and every work day. When your blaring alarm goes off on woman crush Wednesday, check-in with yourself with B*tch Prints. Explore what it means to be a multifaceted career driven women with writer + creative director Mallory Porter as she shares relatable stories centered around independent women working to find balance, humor and confidence in life without apologies. As a business woman who is used to working remote, I released S1E2 this past Wednesday on the topic of working from home. As Coronavirus forces more people out of office spaces and into their kitchen or living room with a laptop, mental health and productivity are at an all time importance. Listen to the latest episode of B*tch Prints if you are feeling unprepared, lonely, nervous, unorganized, or anxious about working from home for an undetermined amount of time and take steps to improving your work space and new work week routine.

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