• Mallory Porter

Vessel for the Woman's Soul

The taste of apples and honey swirling in my mouth reminds me of another season of change and renewal.

Each morning we rise to the sunlight barely peeking through the blinds - our blankets twisted from our slumber transition into day - arises another opportunity for newness set in motion. Our day to day blurs of routine cloud the divinity of our sunrises with blaring alarms. Occasionally, it takes a marked calendar date to throw us into the work of betterment and change. Ending September with Rosh Hashanah and the start of arguably the most wonderful month of the year has been that mark for me. Not all of my habits will magically fade like an All Hallows Eve spell. I'm particularly looking forward to a weekend cabin stay in Flagstaff for our second wedding anniversary where I will abandon my health goals to snack away in the car and to guzzle bowls of chili smothered in shredded cheese and sour cream. Two areas in my life that need a major face lift include my saving habits and spending my time with hobbies and activities to fuel my body and mind. Fortunately, these two can go hand-in-hand in a multitude of cases. October is for saving this year. A friend and I set a challenge we call #nospendoctober where we only purchase food this month. No clothes, shoes, or random Amazon orders. We take another step to reduce our spending and to live more ethically in this plastic world. One of my final Amazon purchases before today included cloth grocery bags and a reusable coffee tumbler. The time came a long time ago to trade laziness for sustainability and it is well overdue that I do my part to help Mother Earth. Saving means mindfulness about costly activities as well. I would rather save to travel and visit my loved ones than throw money at 2-hour local events that will not even leave an impression on my memories. Quality time is my love language. It is crucial that I start applying that love language to my time alone with myself. Another final Amazon purchase that plopped into my online cart was charcoal pencils. The serenity of Arizona desert winds only progresses as we enter autumn. I must hike. I must sketch and watercolor on our outdoor patio. I must sip coffee slowly at a new cafe. I must read with the windows open. I must connect my mind with my actions and steal back my time. My mind is a powerful vessel and I need to fill it with more quality treasures. My money is my time spent and I need to place it in an imaginary banking vessel to save for more precious or emergency moments.

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