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The Story Behind

Tell the story behind a photograph.

The Story Behind takes the impact of a photo & challenges a writer to craft a story to the imagery, instead of snapping a photo to fit a story. The Story Behind aims to bring photographers & creative writers together in a new way to keep those creative juices flowing.

November 29, 2017

History time!

My blogging started in college (2010) with "The Story Behind...", not lifestyle content. I used my photography or asked my photog major friends for a snapshot and wrote a story to it, instead of the other way around where we normally put a photo to a sto...

May 23, 2016

Photo by: Hanae Jackson

Find Me

I faced the floor. I couldn’t tell if I stood hunched over, or if I balanced in a table top position on my hands and knees, or if I lay on the blurry floor like a slug. But, I couldn’t move. Of that I was certain.

My sight began to falter....

November 13, 2015

Photo by: Mallory Jordan


The Queen Anne


There’s nothing that brings more joy to my holiday break than scraping some extra cash together at my dad’s home foreclosure and antiques auction house. If staring at the oblivion wall of the knick-knacks in his office doesn’t am...

April 15, 2015


Photo By: Gina Portolese


Portfolio: Gina Portolese Photography 


Morning Glow


Peak out at the morning light. His little wet nose pressed against the glass. From a distance, all you can see of inside is that curious black speck breathing hot onto the chilled panes.



March 26, 2015

Dec. 29, 2013


Photo by: Unknown


Taste the Pain


The liquor was sweet and the boys were charming.


Sherry carefully smoothed the edges of her blue toile comforter over the squeaky spring frame of her new bed. Her mother and father stood in the doorway poised like a newspa...

March 26, 2015

Dec. 8 2012


Photo by: Justin Tillery


Only Grey Skies in London


Alec pulled on his recently polished Doc Martens over his cuffed, distressed skinny jeans. He didn’t bother to put on his military jacket over his white undershirt. He wanted to feel the sting of the cold t...

March 26, 2015

Sept. 26, 2012


Photo by: Mallory Jordan




The little boy sat with his back against a rigid tree. Huddled with his head between his legs, he covered his head with his arms to shield his face from the pouring rain. His hair dripped water down his cheeks like a soake...

March 26, 2015

April 17, 2012


Photo by: Brealyn Eckstein


Photography Page: Brealyn Danielle Photography


Blood Lust


He held me. Heat radiating from our bones, pulsing through our skin. I felt his skin, so cold yet giving the sting of heated metal, pressing against mine. His tongue ran...

March 26, 2015


Feb. 12, 2012


Photo by: Charlie Kraus


La Bicicletta


The steamy sun cooked their olive skin. Yellow stains formed on their white t-shirts under the arms and around the neck. Men lifted heavy wooden crates full of produce into Fiat-brand trucks. Women hung laundry on th...

March 26, 2015

April 20, 2011


Photo by: Sharon Snouffer


Swamp Sports


Breathe in the muggy scent of algae and fresh fish. Watch the blue waters ripple as speedy tadpoles shoot by, and lurking alligators sift through the reeds. The wind violently whips my shaggy, sun-bleached hair back...

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